Belgian Certification Centre
Safety, Health & Environment checklist
Safety and Quality are of paramount importance to Safety-Solutions On Site. To safeguard our standard of quality we hire only duly qualified staff who consider a high standard of quality and safety as a way of life and are therefore committed to the quality and safety of our work, our customers’ requirements and the organisation in itself.

To guarantee safety and a high standard of quality we have obtained VCA certification, Class P.

What is VCA? The promotion of safety on the work floor led to an initiative being developed within the petrochemical sector in the Netherlands to classify the practical aspects and risks associated with this work in a certifiable standard. The VCA (Safety Checklist for Contractors, SCC) has since become a generally accepted standard in Belgium, Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Austria. The VCA Class P (Petrochemicals) is the result of an evolution in the way we think about safety, in which in addition to striving for safety on the work floor the focus has also expanded to include health and environmental aspects.

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